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Lawson | Beige

Introducing The Lawson Collection, a manifestation of refined elegance inspired by the intellectual sojourns of the discerning individual. These unisex sunglass frames seamlessly blend contemporary allure with timeless sophistication, offering a distinctive lens through which to explore individualism, ignite creativity, and embrace the unbridled essence of freedom.

Immerse yourself in the allure of straight arms gracefully adorned with delicately etched tips, elevating each frame to a level of unmatched artistry. The hallmark of authenticity, the Frank and Fritz silver impression graces the outer temple, a symbol of uncompromising quality and distinguished style.


Featuring statement design with bevel cuts.

Detailed customised hardware.

7 barrel interlocked secured hinge.

Signature logo tips and etching.








Front Width:

Lens Size:



Front Width:

Lens Size:



Vegan leather case featuring the custom logo.
Hard protective packaging box.
Microfiber cleaning cloth.
Warranty/care instruction card.


Always store your eyewear in the case provided to avoid damage.

Eyewear should be put on and taken off the face with both hands to avoid damage.

Eyewear is not to be cleaned with chemicals or detergents. Only use the microfibre cloth provided. 

Avoid wearing your glasses on your head as this can stretch the frame.


Pool chemicals and salt water may damage the frames and lenses. 

Eyewear that is of a light colour or matte finish may become damaged by any creams inclusive of moisturisers or make-up. 

The product may become damaged if stored above 35 degrees Celsius.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the care of your frames.